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  1. J

    CST simulate a free space (2-Port) measurement

    Hello there, Your device is basically a dielectric so you can use the periodic structures feature of CST MWS. You can define Floquet ports and send plane wave from 1 port to other and then measure reflection and transmission. That is the way to design frequency selective surfaces and your...
  2. J

    CST excitation of a coaxial horn

    Hello there Kato. You can try to elongate the back of the antenna for the bigger antenna and put a dummy cylinder behind the smaller antenna. since the waveguide characteristics won't change when you elongate the waveguides.
  3. J

    CST radiation diagram

    dark blue shows the main lobe, two light blue lines shows the half power beamwidth. red shows the far-field/radiation pattern, green circle shows sidelobe level.
  4. J

    How to generate the whole design as a single layer in CST?

    You have to select all of the components from the side menu. If you click on export while only one component selected it will only select that component.
  5. J

    Crosspol is not at boresight

    I have an S band antenna for satellite communications and when I check the copol pattern from a LHCP satellite (XTAR-EUR in my case) everything is cool. When I switch it to RHCP with a coaxial switch to check for crosspol I get double crosspol nulls at sides of the signal and couldn't...
  6. J

    Eb/No to BER formula for QPSK

    Hi, I am trying to find the formula for the BER vs Eb/No curves but I only see the curves themselves as 10^-6 BER is about 10.5 Eb/No what is the formula to get these results?
  7. J

    CST Field Contours bad resolution?

    It is a graphical thing. See the mesh lines ? they match with the hexahedral mesh lines. If you have the frequency domain solver you can use it with fine triangular mesh around the edges if it is really important.
  8. J

    Question about LNA stability resistor

    Use a series 0 ohm or 5 ohm resistor at the output of transistor since transistor has a low resistance it will have low consumption.
  9. J

    [moved] I have a problem using waveguide port for my horn antenna in CST.

    another solution to your problem is to design a waveguide bend. If you bend all of their guides to upwards or downwards you can place waveguide ports because now they will always be on the same cartesian plane.
  10. J

    [moved] I have a problem using waveguide port for my horn antenna in CST.

    If they are the same antennas and if you think they wont interact with each other you can take field source of the horn and then use it for simulations.
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Good wire for small antenna

    You can use RG402 coax which has 1.3mm core diameter.
  12. J

    10GHz Corrugated Horn Antenna Design Problem

    You might have a measurement error as well if you are not using a professional setup. Happened to me once where the controller unit showed 60 degrees but actually it turned the motors 90 degrees. so the radiation pattern worth of 180 degrees were crammed in 120 degrees.
  13. J

    Tracking in satellite communications

    AUtotracking antennas employ feeds called multimode tracking feeds. There are few versions of it.Some use 4 horn antennas and use the sum and difference of signal levels, Some use TM01 mode for tracking and some use TE21 mode for tracking. These kind of feeds use the amplitude and phase...
  14. J

    10GHz Corrugated Horn Antenna Design Problem

    where is your port ? are you using slow wave structure(such as corrugated waveguide) for obtaining polarization or septum polarizer?What is your axial ratio? If you haven't done the whole system simulation but only the feed your problem might be at the polarization structure. If you have a...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Polarizer axial ratio

    I solved it. I was comparing first mode and second mode for phase angle which ofcourse gives 90 degree difference all times.If you are holding the polarizer 45 degree angled.
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Polarizer axial ratio

    Hi. I'm trying to design a Ka band Tapered corrugated polarizer. I somewhat was able to keep phase difference stable but the S parameters differ alot. What i was trying to ask when I search the papers they only use the phase difference between the ports for axial ratio calculation but not the...
  17. J

    C band SATCOM question

    It is not weaker it is about the wavelength of the C band. For parabolic reflectors the directivity equation is G=10*log_10(k*((pi*D)/lambda)^2)) where k= efficiency factor generally between 0.5-0.8, D= diameter of the reflector, lambda=speed of light/frequency. Now you can get the idea that...
  18. J

    CST Multiple Ports Issue

    You can use post processing for it. If you want to excite the system from multiple ports you can use combine results function aswell.
  19. J

    Higher order modes waveguides

    Higher order waveguides are sometimes used in circular waveguides such as TE21 mode couplers for target acquisition in radars or satellite communication systems.As stated before they can couple to other modes if you can't extract them properly.
  20. J

    What are the Design parameters of Vivaldi antenna?

    You can type in "cst vivaldi antenna" to youtube.

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