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    Problem with programming PIC16F877 with PICkit2 using ICSP

    hi..i need help...! i'm using PICkit2 to program my PIC16F877 using ICSP.. but, why my PIC detect as 16F876 on PICkit2 software program? nevertheless i got successful writing program to my PIC with simple "blink" program.. but my PIC doesn't give a response, my LED can't blink..i try to check...
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    web based temperature control

    hii.. i'm new in this forum and want to build project like "web based temperature control" for my final project. does anyone can give me example project for control temperature using 16F877 and LM35 sensor? especially in Basic language (i use PICBasicPro 2.46).. i will use this with Siteplayer...

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