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    Looking for source code of RS232 and PIC18F2685

    can anyone give source code for RS232 and PIC18f2685? i tried to interface between them but it's not working.. help me please..
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    interface GUI with RS232

    is there anyone can help me how to interface GUI in vb2010 with RS232?
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    gui using vb and serial port..

    anyone can help me how to create a gui and connect it to serial port(rs-2323) using vb?
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    How to make form 2 appears first before form 1 in VB?

    how to make form 2 appears first before form 1?I tried to change topmost in properties but its not working..
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    Help me program 2 xbee cards and pic18f2685 to send and receive files

    i'm having problem with programming.. i need to program 2 xbee wireless card so that they can function to send and receive files(word or excel).. somebody please help me.. or anyone having the programming or similar to it?

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