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    Code for restoring the registry key using RegRestorekey

    registry functions1 Please give me the code to restore the registry key using "RegRestorekey" API function.
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    How to enter string value in registry by RegSetValueEx? VB6

    registry functions how can i enter string value in registry by "RegSetValueEx" function in VB6 Above API require ANSI string as input. How can i convert unicode string to ANSI string in VB6 Please give me the Full code in VB6.
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    How can I change Start of start menu through VB6 ?

    vb startmenu change How can i change "Start" of start menu through VB6. Please help me soon. :cry:
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    How to install MS Registry service to use it in VB?

    MS Registry service I want to use Microsoft registry service in VB how should i install it so that i can use it in VB please tell me the whole process step by step. :x
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    expanded memory allocation error

    ems allocation error When I play game then an error message is shown that "EMS allocation error" What should I do? When I see EMM386.exe It shows "NO EMS service available"
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    Problem with installing Linux and configuring grub.conf file

    installation of linux I already tried to config grub.conf file but it gives an error message that "device not found" I installed grub in mbr on both hdd and when i start linux it gives an error message something like "double / LABEL mounted" Please help me. :cry: :?
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    Where can I find Inpout32.dll file ?

    dll file? Where can I found Inpout32.dll file :D
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    Installation of Linux on two different harddisk

    I have two harddisk and I want to install Linux on both so that I will be able to boot both linux from the grub boot loader or by changing the boot sequence in the BIOS. Please help me. :cry:
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    Registry programming in VB6

    registry programming in vb6 Is registry programming possible in VB6. If it is then how? Please help.

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