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    Difference Between Filler Cells and End Cap Cells.

    Hi, Pls share the detailed information on End Cap cells and Filler cells in terms of structure and connection with the rails.
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    Why more leakage in LVT Cells.. ?

    Hi, Can anyone pls explain me why does the LVT cells power dissipation(leakage) will be more.. ? how is this different from HVT cells.. ?
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    Checking Via connectivity..

    Hi, In SOC Encounter, how to check whether all the vias are connected to the metal layers..? what is the command used for the same. ?
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    Image processing using system generator

    Hi, Im new to system generator, need to implement image processing algorithms like filtering using median filter and classification by kNN classifier on vertex5 board. can you please refer some tutorials other than system generator user guide. how to make use of system generator blocks in my...

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