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  1. oister

    do ccna or ms

    hi, I have done recently my bachelor in telecommunication should i go now for ms in fast or do cisco ccna.My cousin said that Pakistan MS is sot good from which ever university you do.International companies don't seem them strong candidates what should i do ccna or ms according to job...
  2. oister

    Best book for Transmission O&M Engineer interview

    hi, I have an inteview in a telecom company for Transmission O&M Engineer post.Which book should i read for prep????? any ideas..... The job description is as follows: Troubleshoot TXN network entities (PDH,SDH/XPIC/ATM/Syncview/Tellabs). Provide transmission backup support to on calls round...
  3. oister

    Source code in visual basic

    Hi, Do any one have code to read a file write open a file and save a file and select something from a list in visual basic 6. I need it urgently :cry: :cry:
  4. oister

    different Programming ways in making a evaluation board

    Thanks i donated you points.
  5. oister

    Solution of Problem Microwave Engineering Urban Westergren

    Any one having a complete solution of problems manual in microwave engineering Urban Westergren 2004????
  6. oister

    different Programming ways in making a evaluation board

    While making a evaluation board using 89s51 and avr our instructor mentioned three ways which are Off the board program,ISP (In System Programming),JTAG I am aware of ISP that a programmer can change the code while mcu residing in the board but i could not completely understand the off the...
  7. oister

    VB code for In System Programming

    Hi, Do anyone have a code in Visual Basic format of programming In System devices which we make to programme chips in 89S52.Some of the program which we use to test the hardware interfacing just like them.THanks
  8. oister

    How to start a thesis????

    Hi, I am doing a final year project on a PCB Board Designing for 8051 and AVR's.I have to start my thesis step by step,so anyone having a thesis related to pcb.I could not find thesis relating to my topics.Thanks in regards.
  9. oister

    I need help in DPSK simulink model

    here is the attachment hope it helps
  10. oister

    I.F substitution and DC substitution methods

    Study Micro!!!!! Hi, I need a suggestion how to study micro i didn't like this subject too much as it involves emt.Our course instructor is studying from David Pozar am really dumb struck at it, and do anyone have link on these topics for I.F substitution and DC substitution method for...
  11. oister

    Which Pcb Software to use for PCB designing?????

    Hi, I am doing a graduate final year project on PCB designing.Ii want to know which software is best,my advisor is going for protel 9 but i want to know more which will be best for my project which is designing of evaluation board with ISP using 8051 and AVR's. Any suggestions and also i want...
  12. oister

    Push Button Interfacing with Led

    Hi, I have been assigned a work of interfacing push button with 8051 and the led will light on and get off.I have attached the code can any one tell that this is the correct one and does any one have Proteus simulation circuit and the interfacing circuit with led and LCD.Thanks 4 any kind of help.:D
  13. oister

    Barry Lennox PLC assignment Solution

    Hi, Does anyone have the solution of this barry lennox assignment attached.Please mail me urgently.I will give 500+ points:D Thanks
  14. oister

    I need some help on plc programming

    PLC help!!!! i need help in these too: A PLC programme that will operate a single set of traffic lights. The lights should be scheduled by three outputs, Red (red light), Amber (amber light) and Green (green light). The sequence should be as follows: 1.Red should be lit for 10 seconds. 2.Red...
  15. oister

    I need some help on plc programming

    PLC help!!!! Hi, I need some help on plc. i have been given a ladder logic to make.I have made is but in the end we have to make a little change in it. The parameters are as follows: Inputs: Start, Stop, Manual and Step Outputs: Out1, Out2, …, Out8 Relays: Run Timers: Duration Sequencer: Seq...
  16. oister

    Blue Screen Error ndis.sys

    Hi, My winxp sp2 get restart every time when i start surfing.It doesn't when i am just using other applications.But when i start surfing or dowloading such as from utorent after some time it restarts and shows the following error always: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL STOP 0×000000D1 and some...
  17. oister

    7 Segment lcd displayfor 8051 microcontrollers

    Re: 7 Segment lcd display i want a schematic figure in proteus and c code to run it,not hardware.....
  18. oister

    7 Segment lcd displayfor 8051 microcontrollers

    7 Segment lcd display LCD
  19. oister

    7 Segment lcd displayfor 8051 microcontrollers

    7 Segment lcd display Plz can any one provide me 7 segment lcd display schematic for 8051 microcontrollers, and its code in c. i dont know much abt micrcontroller,and i cant simulate correct schematics whenever i build one. so plz give me some suggestion how to make schematics by my self in...
  20. oister

    Monopole Antenna in Hfss!!

    hi, i have to make a monopole antenna above ground at 2.5GHz,in hfss.Do anyone have idea how to start it.I didnt find any good sites to begin with.

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