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    Small Battery Charger design help

    Guys i am trying to make a small battery charger for a small 3V dry cell battery. i designed this circuit which works on 220VAC and 50Hz. Circuit is capable of supplying 5V DC and 200mA current. Zener diode is of 5V rating. Can you please take a look at my design and please tell whether the...
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    Hall Effect for Flow Measurment

    Well guyz i am trying to make a flow meter or specifically how much fluid has been passed out of the pipe in the particular time. I am thinking to use a hall sensor for this. Is it the right sensor? and i do not want to buy any ready-made flow meter because they are rather industrial and bit...
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    [SOLVED] Serial to USB Converter Circuit

    Well friends i want to make a Serial to usb converter for my electronic projects as i do not have a serial port in my pc. I got few schematics of Converter but they did not talk about any driver which i think is must (correct me if i am wrong). I need your help because i do not want to make a...
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    ATMEGA 32 and SIM300DZ external xtal problem

    Well guyz i m experiencing a major problem.. my sim300dz module works fine with me when i run it on 2400 baud rate using internal xtal. but as i switch to external xtal for higher baud e.g 4800 or 9600 rates it doesn't work at all. even if i run it on a 2400 baud rate. on the other hand when i...
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    Where can I get the PCB for Sim300dz?

    Hi..can someone give me the pcb for sim300dz? Plz

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