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    How to plot phase of realized gain of antenna pattern in HFSS like CST Software

    Hi Can anybody help me to make plot of phase of Antennas' Radiation Pattern in HFSS? in CST Studio software, Farfield results, plot "theta phase" and "phi phase" of realized gain of Antenna pattern. How we can plot phase pf pattern in HFSS like CST? Thanks
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    link between ANSYS and HFSS

    I have a question about the ansys software. when we link HFSS with Workbench of ansys (thermal static) , the imported data from hfss show scaling factor in addition of surface loss density. i would like to thanks if you tell me what is the concept of scaling factor? should we multiply the value...
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    Calculating the length of wire of coil

    hi every body i wanted to know how can calculate the length of wire of coil. the copper wire winding on cylinder core (air) in N turns. the coil is not compress and there is a distance between turns. thanks and regard
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    calculate thermal cresistance of heatsink

    Hi every body i have a question about how can calculate thermal resistance of heatsinks under natural convection air and forced air (both of them) if the equation independent of temperature and depends to physical dimension of hestsink. thanks
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    calculate inductace of coil

    hi all. how can calculate inductance of coil when we have dielectric core (not air core). we have circular core. thanks and regards
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    how calculate electric field in hankel function for coaxial cable

    hi any body i want to know what is the electric field in coaxial cable and how to write electric field in Hankel function fourier series. there are many refrence for waveguide electric field and Hankel. but none of them don't say how to write electric field in hankel function. please help me...
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    how to change incident power in HFSS

    hi, I have a problem. i want change default power (1w) in hfss. i know that is in Edit source/scaling factor in hfss. but i don't know how to change value scaling factor. i mean i want power 20kw, so what value I write this tab?:cry: thanks for your help
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    bandpass filter design

    hello everybody i want design coaxial bandpass filter and the resonator is disk in coaxial cable. i use chebyshev method for design in matthaei book(ch8, p.432), and i use impedance inverter, i want calculatre reactance of disk (X), for solve reactance slope parameter(x). this parameter is...
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    how select substrate?

    hi,all thanks for reply my ask. i visit the McMaster site for polyethylene, but i couldn't find relative permitivity (er=?) of material. is there er=10.2 ? and what is reason for select slab plastic? is there "er" for this? i embeded bar metal (like stub short circuit) in coxial cable...
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    how to select the substrate

    hi all, i need a substrate that the feature of this substrate is bulky. i mean i will embeded metal post in substrate of coaxial cable. how to select this substrate, please anybody know, help me, that i can design my project a bout coaxial filter.:?: thanks and regarded:-(
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    how define master and port in coaxial periodic structure

    hi,all i'm trying simulate periodic structure in Collin's book " foundations for microwave engineering" chapter 8 page 552 ( capacitively loading of coaxial line),by HFSS, I want define Master and Slave and Floquet port, but i don't know how consider master and floquet? i will be great full if...

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