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    SIM900d current Problem

    Hi all Please comment if i am doing something wrong. I am not working with SIM900d for the first time. I have pretty knowledge of it. Everything is according to your recommendation in you hd_design_manual for SIM900d v1.03. All i need is to get 30uA current when i just apply 3.6V to VBAT and...
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    RF signal Attenuation inside a closed concrete chamber

    Hi. I am planning to use GSM/GPRS based telemetric gauge inside a closed concrete chamber. As RF signal is not considerably attenuated in media like concrete as compared to free space loss at 10 meter distance. I guess i wouldn't face any low signal problem inside the closed concrete chamber...
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    Voltage above absolute maximum ratings on SIM900D RX pin

    The manual of SIM900D says that the voltage on Tx/Rx pins should not be greater than 3.1V. But i am using PIC16F877A with 5V Vss. So the voltage on Rx pin of SIM900D is automatically greater than the absolute maximum ratings of SIM900D. Also i am not using any kind of protection for PWR_KEY...
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    Wireless 418MHz Receiver Interface with PIC MCU problem

    Hi all... I am facing a problem with a chinese wireless 418MHz wireless receiver. I am receiving the code but the voltage on the data line is not fixed though there is a 4.7K pull up resistor. Due to which the MCU hangs for a long time instead of waiting for data string for 1000milli seconds...
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    How to operate pic16f688 or pic16f88 with 3.6v supply?

    Hi all, I want to use pic16f88 with 3.6v supply. Its datasheet says operating voltage is 2.0-5.5V. But it is not working with 3.6V. Is it possible with PIC16F88-i/p?????? Or extended version is a must. Waiting for you comments...................................
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    [SOLVED] SIM900d MIC problem with noise at remote end

    Hi all, I worked with SIM900d on various projects. It works fine. Now i am doing one project with voice feasures. The MIC performance varies from operator to operator. There is a noise at the other end where SIM900d calls a number. like it works fine with Mobilink, but it is not working...
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    How to start SIM900D without PWRKEY in modem

    Hi all, I want to design GSM modem using SIM900D. I don't want to use PWRKEY to start the modem coz i am not using IC and i dont want to use button as well. Is there any other way to start the modem when external 12v is supplied????????
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    [SOLVED] SIM interfacing with SIM900D.

    Please help me.. I want to interface sim card with SIM900D. But i am not getting the voltage at the pin SIM_VDD, SIM_DATA or any other pin dedicated in the module for SIM card. Although AT commands are working properly...
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    Timer based interrupt in PicBasic Pro

    Dear All I am really stuck how to create timer based interrupt in a PicBasic Pro code. But i don't know how to set internal timer for this sms. i don't want to use delays. Can i create two sessions running at a time along with the main program. Or i will have to use external timers.... I am...
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    How to Convert Schematic into PCB Design in Protel?

    Dear All: I am facing a problem to convert a schematic into a PCB Design in Protel. I did the following steps. 1. Designed a schematic. 2. Then created a netlist in protel output format. 3. A Notepad file was created and was saved in PFW folder. 4. I opened Protel for window 1.5 for PCB...
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    C Code to send image from PC on ftp server using USB Modem

    Hi all I need to write a c code to send an image from PC to the ftp server on using USB Modem. I am really stuck from where to start?? Is it like this i will have to print AT commands followed by the data image on the usb port. Someone please help me in this regards. Zahoor Ahmad
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    Code editing for PIC6F877 using CCS C Compiler

    Hello everyone.... I want to programme pic16f877 2 channel 10 bit adc. I need two digital inputs as well. The program should send AT commands for SMS then the Value1, Value2, Status1, Status2 shown in the program below. If you can edit the Coding as 2 channel 10-bit ADCs only send the values...
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    Check the CCS C program for errors

    Hi all.. I am using CCS C Compiler.. My code is given below. Please chech whether it will send AT commands correctly to send the ADC result.. I am getting the error messages "Improper use of fucntion identifier" at line printf("AT\r\n"); and undefined identifier at line "send_SMS();"
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    Selection of Microcontroller

    Hi all... I am facing a problem with the selection of microcontroller. I need 2 analog inputs (12 bit adc) for two sensors and seven or eight digital inputs to take data from the already installed meters. Then i will send the data on USB Modem on remote server. I am confused with frying of...
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    Receiving data through RS232 problem

    Hi everyone i have designed a and ADC with MAX187. I used MAX232 as a level convertor. I want to see the data through Hyperterminal. But i am not getting any data. Can anyone suggest what can be the problem? the circuit diagram is as follows... Zahoor Ahmad
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    C Programming...urgently needed correction of code

    C Programming... Hi everyone Please read the C program and identify the errors. I need it urgently. Thanks in advance... Statement missing Expression Syntax Undefined MCR Function should return a value Added after 1 minutes: You can click on the image to see it clearly...
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    Microcontrollers using MAX187 as an ADC

    Microcontrollers Hi everyone I am using MAX187 as an ADC and connecting it serially to the PC on RS232. I am studying its datasheet. Nothing is mentioned about the coding. Can someone confirm what about the coding of the ADC?
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    12-16 bit ADC needed - which IC should I use?

    ADC Hi Everyone I am new in the field of Microcontroller please help me. It is urgent.. 1) I need 12-16 bit adc, which IC should i use? 2) How can i send this data to PC? Zahoor Ahmad
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    16 bit serial port convertor

    Hi Everyone I need to design a fuel level sensor. I will receive the data on server. I am planning to send the data through GPRS Modem. I am new in the field someone please help me. It is urgent.. 1)I need 12-16 bit adc, which IC should i use? 2) The data I am getting from ADC0809 is in...
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    drive relay with pic16f84a using assemble

    Microcontrollers Hi Everyone I need to design a fuel level sensor. I will receive the data on server. I am planning to send the data through GPRS Modem. I am new in the field someone please answer my FAQs. It is urgent... The figure below will explain my plan.. 1)I need 12-16 bit adc...

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