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    Some projects in serial communication

    hi, following might help you **broken link removed**
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    Microchip C18 example codes

    Following links contain complete example codes with full MPLAB project files using MPLAB C18 compiler. **broken link removed** **broken link removed** **broken link removed** **broken link removed** **broken link removed**
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    i want to start program PIC using C++..sample need..please

    HI, Try **broken link removed** it has some basic pic c example programs with coments
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    Help me with graphical LCD selection

    Re: glcd selection help Used mostly KS0108 based GLCDS following is example **broken link removed** I think using nokia is not a good choice. I dont need other brand names in my products.
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    Help me solve a problem with a PIC code for controlling GLCD

    Re: GLCD problem Hi, Refer this project. It is working. I tested it. It has GLCD on Renesas microcontroller and written in C language. **broken link removed** You could port it to a PIC with some modifications.
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    Looking for a sample hex file for interfacing LCD

    LCD interface Hi, Visit www.mcuexamples.com site. it has some beginner examples.
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    help me the pic programming to display the lcd

    Re: lcd error Try corrected code here and observe pin configuration used **broken link removed**
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    lcd display error - pic 16f877a - help needed

    Re: lcd display error hi I have changed your code for your requirement. **broken link removed**
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    programming of pic16f87a microcontroller

    Re: programming pic16f87a hi, if you are new, try following link. it has some information on PIC programming in general **broken link removed** **broken link removed**
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    8051 and DS1302 - RTC stops when selenoid activares

    Re: 8051 and DS1302 problem may be associated with solenoid and power supply. try about 100nF capacitor near temp. sensor and MCU and read following page **broken link removed**

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