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    Is ModelSim able to take the benefit of multi-processor?

    ModelSIM is a single kernel application. Thus, it only uses 1 processor. But, if you have both licenses for ModelSIM PE and SE, you should be able to run both ModelSIM application (one must be SE, and the other MUST be PE). SAHO
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    How to use signal_spy package with Modelsim?

    signal spy Hello. Please visit SITAL (in Israel). URL Link is **broken link removed** Then,proceed to Support There you should find there is PDF document on ModelSIM Signal Spy. Signal Spy uses a VHDL procedure that can be find when you search <your ModelSIM installation...
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    HDL Designer License Troubles

    Your saviour is AttributeMagicProv 2.1 I think this is all you need. AttributeMagicPro version 2.1 How to use? Look at AttributeMagicPro version 2.1 help. The basic idea is to change those files with future date to current date. Use Windows Search and then apply changes using...

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