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    How to convert Matlab files to C++ ?

    C++ and Matlab I am sorry I didnot get your question. Do you have problem with running those codes? if yes, it is because you should first compile .cpp file using mex command of MATLAB. try this: mex midfinal.cpp and then run your code. You can also change the compiler if you encounter any...
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    How to convert Matlab files to C++ ?

    C++ and Matlab I am not clear what you want. Do you want to call a MATLAB script inside your C++ code, you want to write a function in C++ (to speed up your program) and call it from MATLAB script? the first one is pretty easy, search "MATLAB computation engine" in MATLAB help, it is very...
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    How despreading in DSSS is achieved?

    how to despread? Speading will be acheived by multiplying a key c(t) ,which behave such a psudo noise, to your original signal s(t). c(t) is consists of -1 and 1. so at the receiver side when you multiply the received signal by c(t), you will have c(t)^2 s(t). the first term is always 1...
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    Looking for GSM network design software

    gsm what you mean by design a GSM network? are you going to design a whould GSM network or only its PHY and MAC layer due to its standard? I think NS-2 have already some pacage for that. using OPNET is cool but this software is very expensive.
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    IEEE802.11b bandwidth

    I know it is a wireless protocol. In fact I am going to develop it by GNU Radio.. For sampling the received signal I need to know its real bandwidth. If it bandwidth is 11MHz, sampling rate should be 22MHz. on the other hand, 60.5 MHz, I need to sample data using 121MHz clock which is very high.
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    IEEE802.11b bandwidth

    Hi As you know IEEE802.11b uses DSSS for its phy level. It uses 11-chip barker code. for 5.5Mbps mode, the modulation is BPSK. it means that without DSSS, it needs 5.5MHz bandwidth. using 11-chip Barker code increase the frequency to around 60.5MHz. but the bandwidth of the IEEE802.11b is 11Mhz...
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    Looking for websites about Matlab!

    Matlab! a site better than mathworks.com ??!!
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    Question about OFDM and incoming data tracking

    OFDM: reception what you are looking for is a very complex topic known as synchronization. there are a number of synchronization methods depend on your modulation. for example AM modulation dose not need any synchronization while OFDM and CDMA calls for it. simply search on OFDM synchronization...
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    Matlab simulation needed for SSB, VSB, QPSK and BPSK signals

    matlab vsb see here: **broken link removed**
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    Explanation of the OFDM modulation steps

    OFDM question look **broken link removed** here members have uploaded some useful e-books, I have also uploaded an useful IEEE paper introducing OFDM concept and its applications. I am sure you will find it helpful.
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    WiMax PHY & MATLAB 2006

    Hi, I have heard MATLAB 2006 has a simple implementation of WiMax PHY. I cannot find anything in Mathwork about that. if any one has this version of MATLAB please let me know if it is true or not.
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    white noise and impulse function

    white noise has random characteristic. So it cannot be characterized by fourier transform as the other deterministic signals such as impulse signal can. instead white noise or any other random processes are characterized by their probabilities specifications. for example white noise has constant...

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