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    ATMEGA64A controller problem

    Thanks for your suggestion Yes EMI noise.. There will be back EMF. Any suggestions on adding EMI shield to circuit. Please provide the link or documents..
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    ATMEGA64A controller problem

    Dear friends, I am using atmega64a controller for my product,my product is used for controlling the 3 phase motor using mobile phone.Product will be installed in a very noisy environment. In some of the products installed in the field i am facing problem with the micro controller. Device...
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    [SOLVED] Delay generated by delay_ms is not proper in XC8 compiler

    Thanks for the feedback.... The issue is solved... 4xPLL was enabled ,when i disabled it issue got solved.... Thanks a lot....
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    [SOLVED] Delay generated by delay_ms is not proper in XC8 compiler

    Dear Friends, I am using PIC16F1829 and XC8 compiler. I am using external crystal of 4MHZ. I am just trying to blink an LED for every 2 seconds. I have used __delay_ms(2000); function to generate 2 seconds of delay.Also before the main i have included _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 Compiler is...
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    [SOLVED] how to convert AC to DC forinput to ADC

    Please give pictorial representation of the above circuit and send it.i am not able to understand it. thanks for reply

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