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    SMPS High Freq Transformer with multiple input/ouput --> how to check/test?

    Hello Guys...i am troubleshooting an smps power supply...i suspected this high frequency transformer is having the problem. It has 4 input pins and 11 output pins...really appreciated for anyone can give advice on how to check of this type of high freq transformer...thanks a lot.
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    Is the UDN2993B replacement can be L293D???

    thanks erikl...now am sourcing for the original part...looks like there's no replacement :-(
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    Is the UDN2993B replacement can be L293D???

    Hello Guys...need your help to confirm if we can directly replace UDN2993B dual h-bridge motor drivers --> with L293D...Also appreciate much if anybody can recommend a replacement IC for UDN2993B ? Tthanks in advance.

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