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    Help with networking problem

    Did you turn the windows firewall off. if not, try this, sometimes the firewall try to isolate the computer without any reason
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    Need help with my project

    visit it: http://mhfirooz.googlepages.com/resume If you find an interested topic let me know, I may provide you the codes.
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    Difference between 10Base-T and 100Base-T Ethernet

    SSP is quit right, If you make an industrial package, after updating it you should have backward compatibility to save your trade. by this sentence, I want to assure you not only in Ethernet but also in other standards backward compatibility is an important factor and all standars which are...
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    MANet and Sensor Networks

    MAnet: mobile ad-hoc networks As I know ad-hoc networks are such a network without any central point. i.e. in an ad-hoc networks, members should do everything (such as routing, topology construction and ...) by themselves. Members of an ad-hoc networks are powerful nodes such as laptop. energy...
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    I think Peer-to-Peer networks topic is a good research area. easy, hot, interesting. if you interested in this topic let me know to give you more information.
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    difference b/w wifi and wimax

    wifi, p2p & p2mp ppt see this powerpoint about wimax, it will be helpful
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    How data will be converted to packets in voice over LAN?

    Voice over LAN Network card will packetize the data. Network card in your computer fulfill MAC and PHY layer of OSI model. BTW, your question is not clear. plz rewrite it in a more clear format
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    Why and Why not use modulation to transmite signal ?

    Two type of modulation exist: Digital Modulation and Analog (RF) one. Digital modulations (such as QAM or BPSK or...) are used to convert digital symbols to signal which is transferable. Analog modulation as the other mentioned are used to far distance communication. antenna will propagates...
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    What is the QoS of MANET?

    improve the qos of manet Hi, you may find this paper interesting if you have a few information about QoS in MANET. Go through its references to improve your knowledge.
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    How the capacity for WiMAX had been calculated ?

    WiMAX Range aparnash2813 coment is quit correct. Let me just explain it to make it easily underestandable. If you go through my comment you will understand why aparnash2813 gave you that formula. 1/2 is channel coding rate. it means half of trasnmitted bits are redundant and have no extra...
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    hoc wirweless sensor network.plz guide me

    although ad-hoc networks and sensor networks have common concept, their applications are different and because of that their research area are quit different. please specify on which you intend to work.
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    Project ideas for data communications and networking

    i need project ideas If you love mathematics I suggest working on Network coding, If not Peer-to-Peer networks are HOT topics in networking
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    applications of sensor networks

    you may start with this **broken link removed**, here you can find a basic introduction to sensor networks applications and challenges with them
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    Information/tutorial on ns2 simulator

    ns2 simulator.. just search in google ns-allinone. you can easily find it or click on this link https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=149743. note that ns-2 is written for linux OS. if you are using windows you should have cygwin.
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    automatically login to a server

    Hi Using .NET, I intend to develop an application which automatically login into a web page. It is easily possible for some servers such as Yahoo. But I have problems with HTTP applications written by javascript. I describe the problem in more details here...

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