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    Problem with identifying elements

    Hello, You are right with Infineon and Panasonic elements - I've checked them by multimeter, but in case of WKX I have doubts because on my board WKX is in SOT23 package and in the manual in mouser web there is no information that WKX could be in SOT23...
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    Problem with identifying elements

    Hi all, Could you please help me with identifying elements marked as: WKX (SOT23 package), V1121 (SOP 4 package) and AL P86. All of them you can find in attached pictures. Thank a lot for any help.
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    steven m sandler switchmode power supply simualtion

    Hi! I'm looking for cd for book "Switchmode power supply simulation with pspice and spice3" by Steven M Sandler. Does anybody have this cd and can upload it here? Thanks
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    pfc on uc3854 soft start problem

    Hi everyone! I have got problem with my pfc which I design using UC3854N IC. Problem concerns soft start pin, because voltage on this pin doesn't rise. Application note gives information that voltage on capacitor connected to this pin should rise to 8V when supply voltage is higher than 16V...
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    UC3825 simulation file for Pspice

    Hi all! I'm looking for Pspice file of UC3825 IC. I googled and found one pdf, which contains some code, but I can't simulate it properly. I think in this model lacks oscillator which is showed in block diagram, but it isn't mentioned in code. I attached this pdf. If anyone knows, how to...

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