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    Question about Laser diode type 670nm.

    Hello guys...I wanted to replace the laser diode type 670nm...but I couldn't find correct replacement...Can I replace it with higher than 670nm? Thanks in advance.
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    [SOLVED] Simple RF Leakage Detector...

    HMS1021...i salute you...thanks a lot for your clear explanation.
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    [SOLVED] Simple RF Leakage Detector...

    Actually can't find the rated freq from the rf generator model (ENI Model#: DPG-10). All been stated on the output are RF_output: 1.25KW and DC_output: 500V. Please give advice....thanks a lot.
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    [SOLVED] Simple RF Leakage Detector...

    Hello Guys...please, i need a simple rf leakage detector design/schematic...We're doing an rf generator testing...We have a dummy load but am concern about possible rf leakage at the connector....have seen from other site, a schematic design converting rf signal into Vdc. To allow dmm to...

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