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  1. Farhad40

    Whats the maximum hop rate achievable in hopping systems?

    frequency hopping [hlp] salam; what's the maximum hop rate achievable in a typical frequency hopping system?
  2. Farhad40

    information about hawk [wanted]

    Oh! Homing All the Way Killer! pliz provide information about HAWK air defense system and its radar. pliz write name of books, papers, etc. about it.
  3. Farhad40

    help on a PLL design with pe3236 ,output >8 GHz

    Hello guanchoon; Can you upload the app. note to forum? Also what's your opinion about this idea: producing a widaband synthesizer using a DDS and a frequency multiplier Have you any experience about this idea?
  4. Farhad40

    Radar Cross section of typical aircraft

    Re: Radar Cross section I saw Skolnik, but didn't found RCS of Those aircraft. Can anyone help more?
  5. Farhad40

    Radar Cross section of typical aircraft

    be happy; I want to know about radar cross section of usual aircraft (military and commercial). Is there any list about their RCS? For example about RCS of Falcon 4.0, F14, F/A-18, 747, etc.

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