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    Encounter Library Characterizer can't recognize inductance

    Hi, I am using Encounter Library Characterizer to generate .lib file from a custom cell that I have made myself. I use QRC to extract the RLCK parameters of the cell. But when I put the spice netlist as the input of Encounter Library Characterizer, it does not recognize the mutual inductance at...
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    Problem with inductance extraction with StarRCXT

    Hi, I am Teraze. In my design, I need to consider the self inductance and mutual inductance of transmission line. First, I use plain wire for transmission line in my layout. But when I do parasitic extraction, I found that I cannot extract the inductance. Then I use a cell named coupledcpw from...
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    how to extract transmission line inductance using StarRCXT

    Hi, I want to use StarRCXT to extract the inductance on a piece of transmission line. But when I write "EXTRACTION: RLC" in the cmd file and run with it. StarRCXT gives out an error of :Inductance extraction is not supported in this release. Could anybody tell me that how can I extract...
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    how to create a standard cell with Synopsys tools?

    Hello Guys, I want to build my own standard cell from saed 90nm library so that I can use it during place and routing. What is the flow of it? Thanks Tony
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    how to simulate temperature difference among circuit with HS

    Hi, I want to do a transient simulate with such a condition: One part of the whole circuit is with higher temperature than the other parts of the whole circuit. .TEMP only defines the chip temperature I searched on the HSPICE manual, and find this syntax: xi1 net1 net2 subckt_name DTEMP=+20...
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    HFSS simulation question.

    Hi, I am using HFSS to simulate the skin effect of a transmission line segment. I need to increase the number of mesh in order to get the right result. I try to increase the minimum converged times, this does help to increase the number of mesh. But it is really time consuming and it needs to...
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    how to specify the number of tetrahedron?

    Hi, I am doing a 3D simulation on a transmission line segment in HFSS. I want to enlarge the number of tetrahedrons so as to solve inside the transmission line segment. Is the number of tetrahedron can be specified by user before running a simulation? Thanks. Jim
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    How do I regenerate the measurement file after simulation

    Hi, I wrote some .measure statements in my hspice netlist. But for some reason the .mt file does not generate properly. I have the .tr file generated properly, can I use the .tr file to regenerate my .mt file? I don't want to rerun the simulation, it is too time consuming. Thanks
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    how to plot current density in HFSS

    Hi, I try to simulation the current density of a metal strip at high frequencies. So I am now doing simulation in HFSS with a frequency sweep. After the simulation is done, I tried the HFSS=> fields=> plot fields=>J=> MagJsurf. But it turns out to be: Plot Mag_Jsurf becomes invalid due to no...
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    U element and W element in Hspice

    Hi, I am now using the transmission line model in Hspice to facilitate my design. the U element is the lumped RLC transmission line model. and W element is the distributed RLC transmission line model. The simulation are quite different between these two models. I have no idea how these two...
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    which tool can generate a sdc file

    Hi, I am totally new to soc encounter. I finish synthesis in Design Compiler, Now I am using soc encounter to do the place and routing of my design. When I import the design, a sdc file is needed. Could anyone tell me which tool generate this file? Thank you.
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    the lef file used in soc encounter

    Hi, I am totally new to soc encounter. I want to import a design to encounter, a lef file is required. There are several lef files in my design kit and I don't know which is the right one. Can anybody sent me a sample of a lef file? Another question is: Can the lef file be used both by cadence...
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    how to design a high gain power amplifier?

    Hi, I am just begin to learn power amplifier design. And I need to design a high gain power amplifier with center frequency of 10GHz. and S11, S22 below-20dB。 Can anyone give me some hint on how to start with the design? Thank you
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    how to create .lib file in synopsys?

    Hi, I have a problem here: I did my custom layout design in cadence. Then I stream out the GDSII file and import it to synopsys. Then I generate the CEL view and FRAM from it. Now I need a .lib file which contains the area information of my custom layout. Could any one tell me how to generate...
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    impedance matching in within a frequency range

    Hi, I am trying to solve an impedance matching problem within the bandwidth of [1.5GHz, 2.5GHz]. S(1,1) is required to under -20dB. I am using lumped elements to do the impedance matching in ADS. But I have no idea how to do the impedance matching in a frequency range. I can only do...
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    problem with hspice measure

    Hi, I want to do some integration in Hspice .measure such as: .measure tran integ (v(1)-v(2))*idd from=20n to=50n but I cannot get it to work. Anyone can tell me the right syntax? Thank you very much! teraze
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    question about measure dynamic power with HSPICE

    Hi, I want to measure the dynamic power consumption of my VCO in HSPICE. when I use .measure tran avgpwr AVG P(v(0)) FROM=10n TO=40n .measure tran avgpwr AVG POWER FROM=10n TO=40n Here v(0) is my vdd source. I get different results. My circuit only contains one VCO. Could anybody tell me...
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    Cadence QRC manual - request for resources

    Cadence QRC manual Hi all, I am learning to use Cadence QRC now. Does anyone have a manual of Cadence QRC? Thank you. Tony
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    elementary questions about analog layout

    Hi guys, I am now doing analog layout and I have two questions here: 1 which short cut can bring the layout to the origin? 2 when I doing layout extract in Virtuoso of Cadence. The options of in set switches only contains Extract_parasitic_caps. There seems no option that would extract...
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    which tool from Synopsys or Cadcan extract mutual inductance

    Hi all, I've just finish my layout now and want to extract the RLC parameters from it. One of the most important thing is I need to know the estimate the influence of mutual inductance to the whole circuit. But I have no idea which tool from Synopsys or Cadence can extract mutual inductance...

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