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    Multi-channel RMS-DC converter???

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anybody has ever come across an RMS-DC converter IC that has multiple inputs. I need to convert 7 AC inputs to an RMS equivelent. Thanks, Sam
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    How to measure the voltage between earth and neutral ?

    Need 3-phase help quick Hi, I've already posted a similar question to this recently, but I need to get this sorted pretty quick because i have a uni report due in a couple of weeks. I'm working on a 3-phase power monitoring system. the power to be monitored is wye connected with an earth and...
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    How to measure AC voltages using ADC on an AVR micro?

    Hi, I'm wanting to measure AC voltages using the ADC on an AVR micro. Should I rectify the voltages, then feed the DC voltage into the ADC, or is there a better way? The calculation time has to be pretty quick, so I'm guessing it would be unreasonable to sample the AC voltage and calculate...
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    3-Phase Earth-Neutral measurement

    Hi, I need to measure the voltages and currents of a 5 wire 'Y' connected 3 phase system. Professional energy meters have turned out to be too expensive, so I'm thinking of just using stepdown transformers, rectifying the signal, then feeding it to an ADC. My problem is, how do I measure the...
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    Modbus code written in C for AVR chips

    Hi, I'm working on a project at uni where I want to implement the Modbus protocol in Atmega16's. I'm pretty new to microcontrollers so I'm using codevision to write the code instead of assembler. I've got as far as getting a voltage reading from the ADC in a slave and transmitting it via...
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    Can I implement modbus using AVR microcontrollers?

    modbus avr I'm just wondering if its possible to implement modbus using AVR microcontrollers? does anyone know where i can get some good info on this stuff? It would be great to hear from anyone who has done this before. Thanks a lot, Sam
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    Help me use AVR ATmega16 for displaying decimal no on a LCD

    AVR A/D question Hi, I need to measure voltages between about 200 and 260V and display them on an LCD. I will be using a voltage transducer that outputs a relative DC voltage between 0V and 5V. Im new to microcontrollers, and i have just bought an STK500 board and a couple of ATmega16's. Can...
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    RS-485 - Laptop interfacing

    read 485 on you latop Hi, I need some basic info on how to get data from an RS-485 network into windows. Its for a monitoring network that we are putting together, and the computer being used will usually be a latop (no serial port). Can someone give me a basic explaination of how I should...
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    three phase voltage measurements

    Hi, Im working on a project where i want to monitor voltages and currents in a 3 phase distrobution system. I need to measure the following voltages and currents on a Y connected supply. Phase to Phase Neutral to each phase Neutral to Earth Current on each phase I have to convert the readings...
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    Basic ethernet interface info

    ethernet interface schematic Hi, I've got a bit of a problem. I need to learn a lot about getting analog DC voltages onto ETHERNET really quick. So far I understand that i have to convert my analog signal to digital, then feed it to a microcontroller. then I have to write code which will...

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