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    what is the bandwidth of a digital channel

    even in digital system, you don't transmit the 0's & 1's. You do modulation there as well. PCM is mostly used.
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    which is the best book in digital communication?

    books for digital communication Also read PB Lathi's Modern Dig. & analog comm. sys.
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    Looking for resources on cdma rake receiver

    Help Regarding project Hey, I'm a student of Final Year telecommunication. I want to work on cdma rake receiver & implement it on dsp or FPGA. The problem is that I don't have found enough stuff on internet pertinent to it. Can you tell me a few good links about it. thanks in advance!!! salman
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    Implementation using DSP and FPGA in a CDMA project

    CDMA I also want to implement cdma rake receiver on dsp but the stuff on it is too less for me to start working on it. I need help of you people. thanks in advance!!

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