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    What do modes of transmission in MIMO actually mean?

    In the case of MIMO Waterfilling or even otherwise, we speak of transmission modes. I get the general idea that these are different streams of data, but what do they mean physically?
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    Eigenvalues and Channel matrix

    Hello, My questions are specifically about MIMO but if you have answers for even SISO, it will give me some insight about this, so please comment. Is there a comprehensive resource that describes the role of Eigenvalues and Eigenvalue distribution of the Channel matrix? I have heard that the...
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    MIMO channel covariance matrix

    Hello, In MIMO communications with interference, the noise matrix and the interference covariance matrix due to the signals from other sources are written as a single covariance matrix. How does this matrix change when the received power is different from different interferers? To elaborate...
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    Need to make this AC circuit 'SAFE'

    Hey guys I am trying to build a quiz buzzer / lockout circuit, and came across this **broken link removed** 1. It looks simple but is it safe? :o What can i add to make it safer? 2. How can I add bulbs for more contestants? Thanks in advance
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    Any suggestions for projects?

    Hello guys, We are a team of three people trying to spend the next 4 months doing a MEMs project. Due to our inexperience with the process of building and simulation, we are not able to gauge how much we can achieve in this duration, provided that we use COMSOL and put in maximum effort. We...
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    Car steering design issue

    Hey guys I need to have a system that can be used to switch off the indicator after the car wheels are in their normal position. As this is a part of a bigger project, I decided to use the steering position instead of the wheels'. Here are some of my ideas: 1. To use a simple switch that is...

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