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    DC analysis of mos differential amplifier

    mos differential amplifier hi I want to do DC analysis for mos differential amplifier in differential mode and in common mode . Please tell how to give input signals for both cases in cadence virtouso. thanx Added after 5 hours 49 minutes: anyone please reply and help me out
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    HD3 and THD measurement in cmos ota using cadence

    thd +ota hello !! how can i measure HD3 ,THD, IIP3, IIM3 using cadence analog environment for cmos ota design please reply soon......its urgent thanks in advance :)
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    what r the value of these parameters in gpdk180n

    What is the value of vthn, vthp, λn, λp, µnCox, µpCox in gpdk 180n library for simulation in cadence spectre.I am using 1.8 voltage supply. Plz reply if anyone knows. Its needed to start my ota design. thanq in advance. Added after 1 hours 40 minutes: please reply someone. Added after 2...
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    (vout1-vout2) Vs (vin1-vin2) plot using cadence

    how can i plot the curves shown in pic using cadence virtouso spectre. i need plot of diffrerential input in my design. plz guide!!! thanx in advance...
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    finger width in mos properties

    Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post Report this post to the moderators of this forum while working in cadence virtouso.....i came across a property of mos(n or p) thr is a option finger width.........watz this ?? n also in layout in property of mos thr is option threshold...
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    Looking for Virtuoso tutorial on analog analysis

    hey does ne1 hav cadence virtouso help manual regarding how to do various digi n analog analysis lyk delay, power,pdp,min n max vdd,noise ,rms value,capacitance,....................n al that. plzzzz its urgent!!
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    floating point adder using virtouso

    hey can ne 1 help me in getting a spice realizable architecture of floating point adder?? i started wid designing d same but not able to make shifting of exponents........... plz guide me.......
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    wat do u mean by combo logic??

    does combo logic means combinational logic??
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    how to plot PDP in cadence spectre??

    hey buddies !!! can ne 1 guide me ....how to plot power delay product (PDP) Vs vdd using spectre (cadence) linked with virtouso. thnx in advanced.......... m waiting 4 a favourable reply......:

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