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    USB bootloader with AT90USB1286

    I am using a bootloade sample code which turns at90USB1286 into a DFU class bootloader which works perfectly well with Atmel’s FLIP application under AVRstudio. Now my problem is that it only works just once and the apparent reason is that as I program the device with a USB flash application via...
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    AT90USB Isochronous endpoints

    at90usb example Does anyone know of any demo or usb library in which AT90USB1286/7 have been configured with Isochronous endpoints? I have used these 2 libraries so far : 1)http://www.fourwalledcubicle.com/wiki/Wikka/MyUSB...
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    AT90USB1286,1287,646,647 and codevision USB library

    codevision usb hi everyone, i am writing C on atmega series with Codevision and i want to try AT90USB1286 for the first time. i have been through all the documentation on Atmel.com. I have viewed CDC and HID example codes for the device which have been provided in AVRstudio. Now the question is...
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    How to build a simple PCB to test AT90USB1286/87?

    i want to build a simple pcb to test at90USB1286 for the firs time. can any body give me a hint? a simple schematic with which i can start?
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    help with pic18F4550 crystal

    pic18f4550 configuration bits i am using pic18F4550 in a fairly simple circuit for the first time and i am having severe problems with it's oscillator in every mode. i have tried a 20 Mhz crystal with a whole range of capacitors with a variety of fuse programming modes for the oscillator...
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    help with AT90USB1286 USB library

    at90usb1286 example Hi everyone, it’s been a time I have downloaded a mouse demo demonstration for AT90USB1286, I have been trying to adjust this code so that I could use it for my own application, I have read the manual for USB library of this microcontroller and I am quite familiar with USB...
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    variable inductor, variable capacitor

    I am not quite sure weather I should put this question in this part or not, it’s partly digital and partly analogue, I am looking forward to design a variable inductor and a variable capacitor, i.e. I want to have a variable inductor and a variable capacitor whose values could be adjusted by the...
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    filtering crystal noise in a sensitive application

    I have a severe problem problem here, I don’t know where to put it exactly, I am having severe problems in isolating analogue GND from the digital ground in pcb design for a critical RF application. I have tried numerous filters using high quality inductors and capacitors, strictly speaking as...
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    adjustable switching power supply

    I am trying to find a scheme for an adjustable switching power supply with the output ranging from 0-30V providing at least 1A current. as I've started to read about different configurations of switching power supplies (buck, buck boost, flyback, half bride, etc) I have become increasingly...
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    Nokia Li-ion battery specifications

    hi everybody, it's been long i have been reading about li-ion batteries, i need to charge a Nokia 3310 battery using some sort of smart battery Ic, now i have a good general knowledg about Li-ion batteries and their charge-discharge profiles, but i need to have the exact specifications of...
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    compact converter with smd parts

    Hi everyone I am working on a microcontroller based design. It works with smart battery, namely with li-ion batteries. Looking at the output of a Nokia 3310 charger, you see a full wave sinusoidal wave. For charging the battery one needs to convert this into a nice and smooth dc. Can anyone...
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    Info about LED technology

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what these huge LED boards in open environments on which even movies could be displayed are? What are they exactly called in electronic terminology? How do they work? Are they designed to be connected directly to the output of a graphic card? Can anybody give me a...
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    Looking for a reliable color LCD which small and cheap

    i don't know where to put this question. you quide me plz. i have been working with the monochrome Lcd of 3310 for quite a while now. it's easy to work with, it's handy, most important of all, it's very small and very cheap and it operates on voltages lower than 3 volts and it's very easy to...
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    Building an AVR ISP programmer for COM port

    hello eveyone it's been quite a while i've been programming avr under stk200 protocol, it seems sort of unrelible to me for some reasons because even when using a buffer, you might damage the parallel port, now i was wondering if anybody has any link for documentation about builing an AVR...
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    1 wire interface with AVR

    avr 1 wire i am looking forward to interface DS2438 with ATmega128 vai 1 wire interafce for battery charge and discharge monitoring. any help on documentation and hardware schematics? thanks
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    battry charger, battery leads

    hello everyone it's been months i have been busy designing a battery based system, and for the sake of simplicity i had chosen to use an old version of 3310 NOKIA batteries along with it's charger, when i was almost done with the rest of the circuit, i thought to look at the output of the NOKIA...
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    What a bootloader in AVR is?

    sorry, i have been using AVR for quite a while now, still don't know what bootloader is, can anyone tell me in simple terms what it means? thanks
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    3.3V to 5V DC converter

    3.3v to 5v dc converter hello everybody could anyone offer me a simple circuit configuration to convert 3.3V to 5V for a low power application?:?:

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