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    How to import dxf format into a 3D modeler like HFSS?

    dxf import hi i haver a filter geomtry in dxf format. how can i import into a 3d modeller like hfss, please advise
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    Using advanced modeling kit in Genesys 2004

    genesys AMK hi has anyone used advanced modeling kit in genesys 2004?
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    Using SRD Spice model to design comb gen using HB analysis

    comb hi has anyone used spice model of an srd to design comb gen using HB analysis. if yes please advice
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    Can you change the model size range in HFSS ?

    HFSS size hi i am simulating a stripline filter in hfss. the lenght of my model is around 11inches. whn i run the simulation i get a warning sayin that the dimensions of the model exceed the hfss model size. can the model size range be changed. will it affect my sim results
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    Problem with thickness/sub height ratio error in Designer

    Designer hi i am designing a filter which is given in G.Matthaei text book. the filter is bsf desinged using stripline, height of sub 312mil and conductor thickness is 125 mils. whn i try to simulate it using designer it gives me a error sayin that thickness/sub height ratio should be less ≤...
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    How to properly assign a waveport for stripline in HFSS?

    hfss port hi what is the rite way to assign a waveport for stripline configuration
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    Help me terminate a port in directional coupler using HFSS

    directional coupler hi i have designed a 13 db directional microstrip coupler and i am modelling it on HFSS. i want to terminate a port with 50ohm termination has anyonedesigned a coupler on HFSS. thanks
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    Help me design a square wave generator

    suqare wave generator hi i am tryin to design a square wave generator. input is a sinewave 0.5vp-p. output a square wave tless t≤5ns current drawn≤5mA 50percent duty cycle.
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    How to draw the vias in HFSS?

    HFSS vias Hi i have designed a micrsostrip high pass filter and ia m tryin to hodel it on hfss. can anyone has information on drawing a vias so i can terminate the stubs of the filter to ground.
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    Using master & slave mode in HFSS to reduce simulation t

    HFSS master and slave hi can anyone provide with information on detailed discussion on using master and slave mode in HFSS to reduce the simulation time for symmetric structures thanks
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    Who has worked on SRD spice model?

    hi has anyone worked with an SRD spice model and used hramonic balance analysis to design a srd based comb generator. input freq 100mhz@ 17dBm. output freq 8 to 11GHz thanks
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    Using high Q dielectric resonators to design a notch filter

    dielectric resonators Hi has anyone used high Q dielectric resonator disc to design a naorrow band notch filter. can anyone help me with these specs stopband: 2110 to 2170 attenaution 30dB passband: dc to 2095, 2185 to 2400 max attn 2dB thanks
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    hfss stripline Hi i am tryin to design a strip line notch filterwith following specs stop band: 2110-2170 with attn 30dB pass band: dc-2095, 2185 to 2400MHZ maxattn 2dB since the bw between 2 dB point 2095MHz and stop band 2110MHz is only 15mhz i simulated a 7 resonator secition filter using...

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