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    Is FM radio digital or analog ?

    fm radio An FM tuner and demodulator chip will be added to mobile phone to receive FM radio. Such as TEA5761 of philips.
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    Need solution manual to Digital Communications by PROAKIS

    Re: digital communications solution manual about rules of points: https://www.edaboard.com/points.php
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    which is the best book in digital communication?

    barry lee digital communication I think Pokis's Data communication is the best!
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    about COFDM demodulator

    Who can introduce about chip of COFDM demodulator. Is it expensive now ? Or it has been merged into one SOC chip with MPEG_2 decoder and other backend chips. Who can give an architecture of COFDM demodulator?
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    Why currently Verilog is hotter language than VHDL ?

    verilog vs vhdl https://www.angelfire.com/in/rajesh52/verilogvhdl.html maybe helpful for you
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    verilog1995 or verilog2001

    I use verilog2001, most of tools have supported verilog2001 now! When you use always @*, you can neglect sensitivity variable, it's very convenient.
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    who can introduce fix point simulation with simulink?

    I am now develeping Cofdm demodulator! And I want to build fixed point model with simulink! Who can introduce fixed point simulation of simulink? Thanks
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    linking simulink output with m-file input

    You can try with S function!
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    AWGN channel model in Verilog

    I‘m need it too。can u analyze code as following: *******************************************************************************/ /******************************************************************************* The module generates noise,using downlink m-sequences. The x sequence is...
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    How to implement interpolation using verilog coding

    iinterpolation verilog interpolating zero first and filtering.u can simulate with matlab first using simulink,then coding as the architecture as matlab.
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    anybody can explain carrier recovery and timing recovery

    Can anybody explain carrier recovery and timing recovery of DQPSK. I kown there are component as: PED,LOOP filter,NCO and complex multipler. What kind of architeture of both carrier recovery and timing recovery of DQPSK?
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    what is hot-topic in digital design now?

    wirless communation/DTV/DAB/SOC is hot.

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