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    Near Field Interference

    Hi everyone, just wanna know what is the destination of near field interference? And how does a resistor placed at the '+' and '-' terminals of a power supply stablised the fluctuation in the voltage and current levels?
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    F3 and F3E Modulation Technique

    Hi, just wanna know how does the modulation techniques of F3 and F3E (which normally exists in transceivers) works? Thanks.
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    Difference between Baud Rate and Bit Rate

    Hi, I would like to know the difference between baud rate and bit rate. And is there any formula relating to both variables that I can use to convert from baud rate to bit rate and vice versa? If for example my project needs a 1200 bps, what is the baud rate I need for my transmitter? Thanks...
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    9600 baud rate modem IC Recommendation

    Hi, I am currently using a MX614P IC chip for my modulation and demodulation of the signal. But this chip is only cater for 1200 bps. So just want to ask is there an IC from the MX614 family that caters for 9600 bps? If there are no similar IC from MX614 family, is any any recommendation that...
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    Find the suitable frequency value to match 1200 bits per second

    Hi, I am wondering if I wanna match the baud rate of 1200 bits per second, at what frequency should I set on my signal generator to match it? Is there a formula to find it? Thanks. Regards.
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    Power Handling of a 10k Ohms Potentiometer

    Hi, There want to know how to find out what is the power handling value of a 10k Ohms potentiometer? Thanks. Regards.
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    Some Link Budget Terms

    Hi guys, I am currently working on the link budget for both uplink and downlink between the ground station and satellite. I came across a lot of terms which I don't really understand. Can anyone help me? 1) Ground Station to Spacecraft polarisation losses - As I never really study antenna, so...
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    Stereo and mono plug issues when connecting MIC connector and signal generator

    Hi, I working on this project which I am using a transceiver to transmit analog signals generated from the signal generator. I am planning to use the external MIC connector to connect the signal generator to it with the help of a stereo plug cable with the other end as a pair of crocodile clips...
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    Communicating Wireless With Two Transceivers (Satellite Communication)

    Hi, I am working on a project that has something to do with satellite communication (CubeSat). I was tasked to purchase two commercial off the shelf transceivers (Alinco DJ-S45E & Alinco DJ-C7). The DJ-S45E is to be connected to a function generator to simulate data to be transmitted. And the...

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