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    Solution to syntax errors in code

    i use this code but then i compile occurs some errors i help me with erros DataPin equ 0x06 ;PIC Pin ClockPin equ 0x07 ;PIC Pin Char equ 0x35 ;buffer BitCounter equ 0x36 ;number of bits to read GetScanCode bsf STATUS, RP0 ;select bank 1 bsf TRISB, DataPin ;set pins as input...
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    keyboard and pic 16f628

    keyboard manual: (by pulling the "Clock" line low), so no other scan codes will be received until the input buffer is emptied. i need do: if key>null then lowbuffer anyone canb help me? many tanks
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    How to provide power to keyboard and logger without computer

    hardware logger Does a k/b need to initialized or something when its plugged in? This is what I have... +5V Power (**broken link removed**) ----> +5V connected to PIN4 / GRND connected to PIN3 of male PS2 (https://www.networktechinc.com/ps2-prots.html) connector... then PS2 hardware key...

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