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    Analog vs Digital > semiconductor

    What's the difference of Analog vs Digital with respect to semiconductors with respect to construction, application and circuit itself?
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    Power supply Computation help please

    Hi guys, can someone check if i did this right? I've been trying to search for this type of power supply computation but i still haven't find any. I only used formulas i found from the internet and boylestad book... using C= 100 micro RL=200 ohm If someone has a link to a...
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    Q point BJT voltage divider biased

    voltage divider bias bjt Will voltage divider biased circuit give me the same ICq and VCEq as with Emitter biased circuit? are ICq = Vcc/ (Rc+Re) and VCEq= VCC ?? :| Thanks in advance :)[/img]
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    Diode as Clipper question

    explain clipper diode Hello Everyone! Please help me with this simple parallel clipper to me? How come at positive cycle ( Vi > 4v) diode is active/shorted? Is it because of the 'transition'? I don't understand this transition thingy...
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    help me with my current div process!

    Current Division HELP? This is a VERY elementary question ...I'm very confused with this Current div process... PLease Help me hxxp://images.elektroda.net/96_1201062710.jpg I understand the I total part for both equation. I'm a bit confused with th current division part. What is the 3 ohm...

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