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    how many CAN or LIN node normally in a CAR ?

    can anyone give me some hint on this ? thanks, jef
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    smart power technology spice model

    Dear, I am looking for some spice model of smart power technology. Where can I have it (only for personal use). regards, Jef
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    job interview power electronics

    Hello, I will have an interview for a power electronics job. They use IGBT to design some circuit for EV and HEV applications. Could anyone suggest me how to prepare some potential questions ? br, jef
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    transistor level design of LIN transceiver

    LIN transceiver Hello Gurus, Who is familiar with transistor level design of LIN transceiver in this forum ? I am studying it and have huge problems. May someone help me out ? thanks, jef
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    what is the special things about automotive analog IC design

    People say the a good analog IC designer can do a good job in automotive analog IC design, is that true ? what I want to know is there any specific thing about the automotive environments analog design ? thanks, jef
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    automotive analog IC design inverview

    how to prepare this kind of interview ? anything specific ?
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    Interview questions for TOF CMOS Image Sensor

    Hi Gurus, I have a job interview of mixed signal IC design for CMOS image sensor, can anyone have experience on this give me some suggestion. thanks, Jef
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    How much on-chip inductance can be integrated on chip !

    Hi, On-chip level, how much can we put ? regards, jef
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    decoupling capacitance, series impedance !!!

    Normally the larger the better, but actually I think decoupling capacitor should also work with the series impedance on the power supply, otherwise it makes no sense for EMI or EME. Is that right ? Can anyone educate me on this ? jef
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    how to simulate leakage of CMOS switch

    an interview question what is the difference of these two inverters ? one of them I know is current starved inverter, the other I do not know the name.
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    jobs interview on ESD/EMC in a fabless company

    esd/emc design Hi, Please give me some advice and suggestion on what's the responsibility of EMC/ESD designer in a automotive fabless company ? thanks, jef
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    Why DLL consumes less power than the PLL for a given specification?

    Hi gurus, When I read DLL and PLL paper, I always get confused cause people always say DLL consumes less power than the PLL for a given specification. If we assume it is true, then what is the reason of the DLL's lower power ? is the lower power in the DLL due to the non existence of the...
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    Sensor interface Analog IC design- interview questions

    interview questions on sensors Hi, I am looking for some interview questions for the analog mixed-signal design for sensor interface circuits. What kind of specific questons I could expect ?? regards, Jef
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    What would be relationship between SNDR vs. input frequency

    SNDR vs. input frequency Hi, what would be the relationship between SNDR and input signal frequency for a given sampling frequency ? I know the SNDR will degrade as input frequency increases but what is the exact scale factor ? regards, Jef
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    what is the output if you integrating a white noise ?

    integrating white noise Hi, what it would look like in time domain ? regards
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    how to make a differential amplifier linear

    Hi, What is the popular solutions for the linearity ? jef
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    parameters relationship of ADC

    hi, Can anyone give me some light on what is the required input signal bandwidth giving the sampling frequency (S/H) and ENOB ? regards, jef
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    how to generate this clock waveform with PLL

    Hi, I want to generate N clock cycles with T+ deltaT , then N clock cycles with T+2*deltaT, then N clock cycles with T+3*deltaT,..... and then go back, N cycles with T-deltaT, T-2*deltaT , T-3*deltaT. Please see the attached for details. thanks, jef
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    Delay locked loop , false locking

    Hi Guru, I am new to DLL, can anyone educate me what is the reason of false locking and how to solve it in a simple way ? thanks, Jef
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    generate stimulus file with matlab for spectre simulation

    spectre stimulus file hi, I am wondering if it is possible ? thanks, jf

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