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    implement the equation

    hi, explain about how to implement this equation in VHDL coding y(i)<=y(i)+x(j)*h(i-j);
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    need vhdl coding for convolution

    hi, give ideas about how to program convolution in vhdl
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    hi i am doing my final year project in vlsi for that i need vhdl coding for convolution.if anyone have please send me. by richard
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    need vhdl coding for dwt

    dwt vhdl hi, i need vhdl coding for DWT in 1-D if any one have please send me by richard
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    help, convert matlab program to vhdl coding

    hi, i have matlab program for dwt.i don't know how to convert this into vhdl coding.if u have any idea please reply me. ------------------------------------------------------------------- clear all; x=input('Enter the input signal '); lh=input('Enter the filter coeff '); b=length(lh)...
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    need of vhdl coding for dwt in 1-D

    hi, I need vhdl coding for DWT in 1-D.If any one have please send me.

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