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    an installation problem for a file

    Hi, I have a question, Because I want to run .exe files of windows XP on openSUSE Linux 11.0,I fist used zypper to install wine,then open Wine configuration,then I downloaded a wine-doors-0.1.3-1.1.noarch.rpm file,but I do not know how to use it on openSUSE Linux 11.0 and open the...
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    Can I install Modelsim SE to OpenSUSE Linux 11.0

    a installation problem Hi, This is an emergency question,I hope somebody can answer me as soon as possible. I already tried to install Mentor Graphics Modelsim SE 6.5 on OpenSUSE Linux 11.0 several times, but it always was failed,so would you please tell me whether...
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    how to install and Modelsim SE 6.5 on Linux

    Modelsim installation Hi, I have two questions, 1.Would you please tell me how to install and set Mentor Graphics Modelsim SE 6.5 on Linux OS?Which commands do I need to type? 2.Does anybody tell me how to creat SDF file in simulation of Modelsim SE 6.5a? Thank you!

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