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    college project PDA with GPS

    thought you guys might like an update to my group's project... we bought the pharos gps (compact flash) to run with our dell axim x5 one of my partners hacked one of the buttons on the pda that we wont be using to a circuit that receives an RF signal from our automobile when the engine turns...
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    college project PDA with GPS

    Re: college project PDA with GPS (long post) if each node is no closer (to each other) than the max deviation of the inherent GPS error, then is my problem slightly resolved? maybe some type of averaging function can be designed...
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    college project PDA with GPS

    college projects on gps Hello, my name is Brian Warner and I am an Electrical Engineering student. I am working on a group project that concludes in 4-5 months. My group is working on a PDA with GPS car locator. After a long day of classes/work you may have forgotten where you parked your...

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