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    Building Blocks!! Standard Cells

    Hi, 1) Can any one can emphasize on how quickly draw the layouts by referring the schematic. Only Eulers path is the better method ? 2) How to estimate Power bus width 3) How to self learn on skill scripting as its very useful for standard cell layouts(Good material)
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    Question regarding SRAM compilers

    Hello all, Please provide me the details about memory compiler(generator).As per my knowledge compiler generates the cut according to user specifications.What parameters we have to consider in cut generation, like how to consider MUX,WORD,BIT parameters.apart from these three parameters any...
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    how to simulate the design of tanner EDA tool in other machine

    Hi, I have designed a 32 bit ripple carry adder in tanner tool in my personnel computer. I want to simulate the same design in my laptop.i.e..,I do not want to design again in other machine so how to take the designed file and simulate in another tool. please tell me the procedure 8-O8-O...
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    SRAM SNM Simulation - Hspice

    Hi.. Find some materials on SNM.They may help .... Thank you
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    static timing analysis

    Hi read the timing closure chapter from the book "VLSI Physical Design from graph partitioning to timing closure" it may help you.....

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