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    SAR-specific absorption rate in CST

    hi, have you specified the material densities? Go to the material properties for each material and enter the mass values accordingly. The mass definition is a must for the SAR calculation. aw
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    How to draw antenna's geometry in microsoft Word?

    There are 2 cst macros available for this - go to macros and then report : powerpoint and word!!!! aw
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    Any good Book on Microwave Engineering

    the rf and microwave handbook ebook My opinion : R.E. Collin, Microwave Enginneering is excellent for the basics. Pozar is also quite good. Balanis or Kraus , of course, for Antennas.
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    Antenna Test Measurement + Cross polarisation

    Hi everyone, I am looking for any articles/books/papers on the antenna testing etc : (I have the paper by Ludwig about cross-polarisation etc) Anything which explains stuff like aziumth over elevation etc plz pm or upload to download thx for your help in advance aw

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