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    Full Brain Model in HFSS- Problem with simulation!!!!!!!

    Can you please reload this? The archive is corrupt (empty) thx aw
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    how to export file in cst

    hi, did you align the uv plane of the local coordinate system with the plane which you want to export? You should do this and then export the dxf - should work then... aw
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    What's the largest number of tests you solved with HFSS before having memory problem?

    hfss matrix size versus tetrahedrons hi peleda 60 MHz for an aeroplane is not paricularly impressive - it's a pretty low frequency - the structure may be large but no longer electrically large. There are better tools on the market for the simulation of large structures and at realistic...
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    Comparison of CST MW studio and Remcom XFDTD

    remcom xfdtd cst DrNiiken "They look like Cornflakes add-ons compared to SEMCAD X ! " How can reduce other good tools on the market to "cornflakes add-ons"? Seems like a very wild condemnation of other tools without any facts. Sounds like sales talk to me. But is SEMCAD really THAT good...
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    What is the relation between meshing and memory in CST?

    Marsel777 I think your answer is very unhelpful here. If people just though then people shouldn't be asking questions and others shouldn't be answering them. This is not obvious but a simple test using task manager and running a few models with increasing mesh cells in CST can provide some...
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    Help: Importing S-parameters calculated by ADS to CST

    hi mrasooli, CST offers a bidirectional link to ADS with which MWS S-parameters in parameterised form can be used in an ADS simulation - take a look at the CST manuals for info on this... aw
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    CST Acquires Flomerics EM LOB for £1.6 million

    Hi freqzt, my feeling is that the TLM method may complement CST's range - it does have some nice features as well. Also, if you look at the press release from Flomerics, the profit that they were making with the electromagnetic division was not exactly impressive despite the product being...
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    Which is the best simulator: COMSOl or CST?

    Re: COMSOL or CST? loucy, you seem to be pretty quick to assume what CST can't do. Their EMS solver can do this - perhaps not full multi-physics stuff but you can do a thermal solution using MWS losses - pretty convenient. Comsol is conceptually pretty powerful but you really need to know...
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    importing S matrices in HFSS and CST

    Hi Ivan, yes mpero is ríght about design studio. Are you using 2006B or 2008? It should work in this case. A design studio window is always automatically created when you start an MWS project - look at the bottom of the drawing window and you will see another tab - click on it - that is the...
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    Help: Importing S-parameters calculated by ADS to CST

    hi mrasooli, have a look at my reply: aw
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    importing S matrices in HFSS and CST

    hi Ivan, you can use the CST Design Studio to import a touchstone files of the results and run it from Design Studio - it will provide you with the s-parameters and the farfield.... aw
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    meander line using cst simulation

    hi, I think that increasing the thickness of the ground plane will not solve the problem of the inhomogenous mesh at waveguide port. The problem is that the geometry must stay constant in the first 3 mesh cells of the port in the direction perpendicular to the port face. If the first meander...
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    Why many projects are still using numerical methods like FDTD or MoM?

    cst for fem Hi, Nothing personal meant here but in my opinion this doesn't seem to be a balanced view of the simulators - I really don't agree with quite a few of the strengths and weaknesses of some tools. For example, there are only two weaknesses associated with one of the packages but...
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    dispersive materials in CST MWS

    hi, try the online help - it explains some of the parameters that you need. There are also some examples in the CST examples where some of these materials are used. aw
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    Problem with CST low speed when doing a project

    Re: CST very slow hi, did you solve this problem or do you still need help with it? aw Added after 8 minutes: hi again, there are two things here the ratio limit is quite high - time step is small since unecessary mesh points are used due to the cad import - try ratio limit 10 you've...
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    Comments on hot news about HFSS V11

    Re: Hot news on HFSS V11 Hi Max, in fact I am using software from just one vendor that can do all of these which means that I am not personally concerned about interoperability with other vendors. It's quite effective since I simply select a different solver for the same model. It's quite...
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    [CST]" Error in setting up TST cells "

    hi drunkbear, well, have you compared the mesh between the models and were they both created/simulated with the same version? Have you improved the mesh at all? How can you say it sucks when you have received a warning which at least gives you a hint at what the problem may be? I would...
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    The performance of HFSS V11.

    optimetrics hfss v11 tutorial Hi, although any new features are to be welcomed I just don't see what the improvement is here. Are the comparisons that you have made based on the new higher order tets and the direct solvers or not? This would be necessary before everybody jumps to conclusions...
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    Comments on hot news about HFSS V11

    Re: Hot news on HFSS V11 hi, I don't work for any vendor but find this quite interesting. It just seems crazy to me to rely on FE methods for trying to perform large simulations with exotic higher order techniques or cluster. The memory scaling for FE means that it is relying on what could be...
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    Comments on hot news about HFSS V11

    Re: Hot news on HFSS V11 hi, ok, a complete car but on what hardware? There's no pc/memory specs given are there? CST has been able to do these things for years on standard pcs in the time domain. Seems as though Ansoft don't think much about going down the Time domain route like most MW/RF...

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