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    High- or low-side current sensing for the Li battery?

    i've finished a project on li-on battery charging IC. you can call me by MSN:hjs_1982@hotmail.com maybe we can discuss on it I hope i can help you
  2. J

    how to prevent the noise of bgr of a swithcing system

    when designing a swithching system,the bgr performance well when simulated separately.But,when it is simulated in whole system .the noise in the output terminal of bgr perfomance poor and seems seriously nosiy disturbance. who can help tell me how to get out of this situation. 3xs very much!!
  3. J

    Looking for friends who study DC-DC boost covernter

    let me take part in the group! i have a question too. when I want to choose modle for matlab to simulate the system in beginning of the design.I found sveral model. which one should I pick up? I normally use the TF in the errikson's book. and another one: crossver freq shoud be set 1/5 of...
  4. J

    How to use pole-zero analysis in Spectre?

    spectre pole-zero i dont know either. hspice can do it!
  5. J

    Which region of pass element(LDO) should be?

    when the load is heavy,the pass element is in the linear region because the voltage of gate is very low when the current get smaller ,the gate voltage will be higher and finally the pass element will get into saturation
  6. J

    what is the difference between the following two amp

    symmetry is very important on cancelling the noise from power line ! you will find it in many papers!
  7. J

    Low power cascode structure question

    i think razavi's book is enough
  8. J

    What's wrong with this opa?

    do not believe the AC analysis completely!! tran analysis belong to large sigal AC belong to small signal
  9. J

    Problem with connecting inverting amplifier with an integrator

    circuit design ~ the resistor values are too low
  10. J

    small-signal simulation voltage gain

    that's open loop gain ,right?
  11. J

    What is the purpose of resistor R in this circuit?

    Purpose of Resistor R i have seen R in the common souce of M1 M2 anyone can tell me what is that used for? thanks very much
  12. J

    battry charger, battery leads

    the battery charger dont give a smooth dc output usually.U can check it.the battery charging have several stage:constant current ,constant voltagev.. in constant current period ,the current curve is smooth but voltage not... I dont know if i make the point.
  13. J

    Questions about Cascode Bandgap

    Cascode Bandgap M3,M5 provides biass for the cascode M1,M2 but I think we can use current miror with M1,M2 to save the bias. am I right?

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