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    Multiple Design Available -Cadence Complier Error!!

    Yes TOP is the top module of my design.. Yes its my first design but I'm already using the template script provider by RC..
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    Multiple Design Available -Cadence Complier Error!!

    I'm don't understand what you mean by multiple design... But this is what I did... set top_module TOP //that is the name of my top module set src_files [list rtl_source/list_of_all_files.v ] //list includes all .v files Then compiled the script though ''rc -f -gui rtlscript_bb.g'' command
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    Multiple Design Available -Cadence Complier Error!!

    Hi.. Am using cadence to synthesise my design... I'm getting the following error... ''Error : Multiple designs are available. Specify the design you want to use. [TUI-17] [define_clock] : There is no unique design available : Specify a design by using the cd command to change...

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