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    need help:low data rate UWB receiver

    Hi guys: Now I have a topic about low data rate UWB system which is a phy standard IEEE802.15.4a.But mow I have a problem about the receiver of the system .The receiver should be low complexity ,low power consumption.Could anyone give me some advice about this?I want to use the PPM-TH UWB or TR...
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    I need a noncoherent receiver algorithm used in UWB

    I am making some simulation of low data rate UWB system,but i am poor with the noncoherent receiver algorithm.Can anybody provide me a noncoherent receiver algorithm coded in Matlab?
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    What does dj(u) mean in kth impulse radio transmitter output signal of UWB ?

    Hi,guys.a signal model of UWB time-hopping system a typical time-hopping format of the kth impulse radio transmitter output signal S(u,t) is given by this equation in many papers: S(u,t)=∑ω(t-jTf-Cj(u)×Tc-dj(u)) ( -∞<j<∞ ) where ω(t) represent the transmitted monocycle waveform that...

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