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  1. J

    Allegro board outline

    Is it possible to make a board outline in Allegro with 45 degree lines? When I go to Shape > Outlines > Board Outline, it doesn't seem to let me use anything other then 90 degree angles
  2. J

    Allegro nc route not lining up

    nc route not lining up I created my PCB using Allegro, and tried to view the gerber files in GC-Prevue, but the ncroute file isn't lining up with the rest of the artwork. How can I get it to line up properly?[/img]
  3. J

    to220 footprint orientation problem

    to220 footprint I'm designing a PCB that has a device with a to220 footprint. I'm going to have the PCB assembled, and I'm trying to specify direction of how the parts should be soldered onto the board. How do I specify which way a to220 device is mounted? I've attached a screenshot of the...

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