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    Calculating delay spread from Spectrum analyzer channel frequency response function

    Hello to all guys, A bit of a help to my problem would be precious. Description: I use a pulse generator, a signal generator a mixer and an antenna to tranmit a pulse that is 400ns long, at 900MHz. I then use a spectrum analyzer to get the channel frequency response and the channel impulse...
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    Measuring the delay spread with a network analyzer.

    Hello to all, I would like some help from you in a project that I work now. I built two monopole antennas and I measured reflection coefficient of each one and the S21 for the received power. The two antennas operate at 900MHz. What I wanted to ask you is how I can find out the delay spread...
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    Antenna measurements with network analyzer. Help needed!

    Hello to all, I made two λ/4 monopole antennas with your precious help and now I need some guidance about the measurements. First of all, I calibrated the network analyzer(HP 8714C) with the open, short and load and I tuned the antennas in order to operate at 900 MHz. Also, I measured the...
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    Help with λ/4 monopole antenna.

    Hello to all, I am working on a project for channel measurements in an indoor environment and my part of this project is to design and construt 2 quarter-wave monopoles for 2 different operating frequencies( one for 900MHz and the other for 2.4GHz). The antennas will be made with a PCB(which is...
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    Cooperative spectrum sensing(energy detection) in cognitive radio.Matlab code

    Hello to all! It seems that i might need a little help with the matlab code in a cooperative spectrum sensing project. As you will see if you run the code the ROC figures for the theoretic part is correct but for the simulation part is not.Can somebody help me? clear all; close all; clc...
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    Path loss due to distance

    Hello to all of you. Im working on a project about cooperative spectrum sensing(cognitive radio) and i have a problem. I want to calculate the SNR (received power/power of noise) at each Cognitive Radio,but i dont know jow to calculate the received signal power(it must be dependent to the...

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