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    How to identify Exception Error root cause in Coldfire 5275?

    Hi All, Can you Please share your experiance on, -> how to resolve/debug Access/Illegal Instruction Exception error in Coldfire 5275? -> Due to which cause/reason these exception errors occur? Regards, Tectona
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    ModbusTCP Unit Identifier

    Hi all, Can you please tell me what's response send by ModbusTCP server when it will received unit ID 0 packet by Modbus TCP client? Second Can you give me brief information about what's behavior of ModbusTCP server when it will receive unit ID 0.? Regards, Tectona
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    IP Address Conflict Detections

    HI All, I need your help for implementing IPv4 ACD (Address Conflict Detections) into embedded system. I have gone through RFC available on web. I don't know if device identify address conflict then what to do? Please help me. Regards Tectona
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    Address Error (DsPIC30F2010)

    Hi All, I have face Address Error problem with DsPIC30F2010. I am using nested Interrupts. Can u plz, help me how to resolve it.? Regards Tectona.
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    Help Required to do Energy calibration

    Hi, Can u plz, help me "How to calibrate Energy Measurement Unit"? Thanks Tectona
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    Help Required (MATLAB Simulink)

    Hi All, I want to simulate my UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) Design. Can u guide me how to use MATLAB simulink for that? Thanks & Regards Tectona
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    How to use Matlab to simulate an UPS?

    Hi All, I want to simulate UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply). Can u guide me how to use MATLAB simulink for this.? Thanks & Regards Tectona
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    Help Needed : Checksum utility in MPLAB IDE

    mplab checksum Hi All, I want to know about, How checksum calculation utility work in MPLAB IDE.? Can I use this checksum to store into PIC24H Series controller.? Thanks & Regards Tectona
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    How to create Bitmap Image in Hex?

    create bitmap from hex Hi all, I need ur help for generate fonts bitmap image. Currently I use fontgen software for generate fonts bitmap or Hex File. I want to know how this software generate bitmap file for any fonts which we select. Any one know the logic or any idea, how this kind of...
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    Migration Hi-Tech code to C18

    Hi all, I need ur help for migration. I have written my code in Hi-Tech PICC18 c compiler. Now because of some issues with Hi-Tech c compiler, I want to migrate my code in PIC C18 c compiler. Plz, give me common take care points so i migrate my code efficiently into C18 compiler. Thanks &...
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    How to correlate SNMP & MIB

    snmp microchip Hi all, I develop SNMP Protocol on Microcontroller in C language. I have certain doubt regarding how to interface MIB with SNMP. Like i use any general MIB like System or interface MIB . How to use this information in SNMP protocol & how retrieve this information ? Thanks &...
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    How to Integrate Assembly & C

    Hi All, I use PICC 18 C compiler for PIC18F Controller. I use MPLAB IDE 7.43. Can u help me how to call assembly function in C.? Plz , give me. Thanks Regards Tectona
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    How to Optimized Code

    Hi all, I use PIC18F4620 Microcontroller. I use PICC 18 C compiler. I want to know different techniques for optimized C code. Thanks in Advanced. Regards Tectona
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    Optimizing C code to replace % and /

    Hi all, I need ur help to Optimize C code. I want to know how replace "%" & "/" in C. In my application I use this two function for finding Reminder & Quotient. Like 6505/1000 = 6 6505 % 1000 = 505 Plz, give me good logic so I optimize my code Thanks in advance......... Regards Tectona
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    How to declare structure array in Flash Memory of PIC18F?

    Hi all, I written one code for PIC18F controller using PICC18 C compiler. I don't know how to declare Structure array in Flash Memory. Currently I declare my Structure array in RAM & program work fine. I attach my sample code. Plz, help me. Regards Tectona
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    How to access Port Pin in C.

    portpin code in c Hi ,all I use MSP430F449 Controller & IAR C compiler. I want to access IO port as bit operator. i.g P4OUT.0 (access Pin- 0 of Port 4) P4OUT.1 (access Pin - 1 of Port 4) What is good way to do this in IAR? Regards Tectona
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    Relation between ADC & System Accuracy ?

    Hi , I have one confusion in ADC Resolution & System Accuracy? I want to know about: 1) Is ADC Resolution effect System Accuracy? if Yes then How? 2) Which ADC Parameters effect System Accuracy? Regards Tectona
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    Which controller is more reliable for EMI/EMC

    Hi, all Which controller is more reliable for EMI/EMC Microchip (16F, 18F & 24 Series) Atmel (AVR or 8051 Core) Cygnal TI (TMS 430 Series) Motorolla. Regards, Tectona
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    How to measure current in AC line?

    Current Measurement How to Measure Current in AC Line? Tectona
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    How to calculate True RMS of Cause/Square Wave in Assembly?

    How Calcaulate True RMS Hi, I want to calculate True RMS(Root Means Square) of Cause Square or Square Wave in Assembly Language of PIC 16F72. Tectona

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