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    Can you write the specifications of any electronic device?

    Hi, I was asked a question in the interview that is if I will be able to write the specifications of any electronic device. I am kind of confused. Can anyone please help me with that? Thanks
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    computer architecture

    Hello everyone, Can antone please help me in understanding this instruction logic of the single cycle processor. I am confused at some points. what's the input to the program counter? The output to the program counter is going to the instruction memory. But I am confused about the input stage...
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    divide by 5 counter design

    divide by 5 counter Hello, I need to design a divide by 5 counter . My question is , if I design a 3 stage ripple counter , will that be a divide by 5 counter? Thanks
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    Designing an ALU: problem with multiplication operation

    about designing an ALU Hello everyone, I have been trying to design a 4 bit ALU. I have designed it for some arithmetic and logical operations. Now I want to add the multiplication operation with my design. For that I am trying to design 4*4 multiplier. But the problem is it's giving me 7...
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    Who has experience in using QCA designer?

    Hi , I have started my final year project.My supervisor told me to use the software "QCAdesigner" .I yet don't know anything about the tool or how good it will be to use it for my final project. It's free on internet. Is there anyone , who is familier with the tool? here is the link for the...
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    Where can I get a CMOS bandgap circuit?

    Hi , I want to design a bandgap reference circuit.The problem is, I have to design it by using tanner tool which doesn't have any bipolar transistor.Can anyone please tell me from where can I get a CMOS bandgap circuit?
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    How to calculate the blockage rate of a telephone system?

    Can anyone please help me in understanding the blockage rate of a telephone system and how to calculate it?
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    Circuit diagram of a FLASH ADC with TIQ inverter

    Can anyone please help me with the circuit diagram of the FLASH ADC with TIQ Inverter ?
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    Looking for a good project on mixed VLSI

    Hi, Can anyone please help me in finding a good project on mixed vlsi.I need some ideas.
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    How does the job market in Alberta, Canada looks like for VLSI engineers?

    Can anyone please tell me how is the job market in Alberta for VLSI engineers?
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    Which algorithms to learn for VLSI physical design?

    Hi, I am taking the course VLSI physical design this semester.I have a question regarding this.Can anyone please tell me for the algorithms which will be the best?verilog,VHDL or MATLAB???

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