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    [ARM] Using NAND flash and SDRAM in LPC1788

    hey guys, How can I split data bus of NAND FLASH like K9F2G08U0B and SDRAM K4S561632C-TC75 in LPC1788 EMC? actually SDRAM uses EMC_D0...D15 data pins (16bit) on LPC1788 and Nand flash uses EMC_D0...D7 (8bit) ! so EMC_D0...D7 are common! Is it possible to set nand flash data pins from...
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    [ARM] Bootloader for stm32f103rb

    Hi guyz, I've programmed a bootloader for STM32f103rbt6 and runs my application at address 0x8009000 bootloader jumps to app address and works fine. but when I add RCC_Init() and initialize MicroSd memory in my bootloader project, the bootloader can not jump to 0x8009000 note that...

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