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    LC Filters and connectors

    Hi, Just a simple question about RF filters and particularly a LC filter. How can we connect this filter (see picture) to an RF amplification chain ? Does it need a particular connector or does this filter is made for a use on a RF printed board ? Many Thanks Littlindian
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    Electrical properties of PVC at microwave frequencies

    microwave dielectric properties of pvc Hi, Does anybody knows where can be found a complete description of electrical properties of PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) at microwave frequencies ? I need, at least, dielectric permittivty and electrical conductivity at f=1GHz, 3GHz and 5GHz. Thanks a lot...
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    Not so simple (?) : Te10 mode in Horn waveguide antenna.

    field component of te10-mode Hi, The TE10 mode in a rectangular waveguide has longitudinal components of magnetic field It means that the port excitation sets the E-field component which is perpendicular to the larger side of the guide. What happens if the guide is excited following the...
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    Zeland Fidelity : post-processing issue (.fdfield file) !

    Re: Zeland Fidelity : post-processing issue (.fdfield file) I've some pb with the post-processing of Zeland Fidelity ! Does anybody know how is organized the file .fdfield ? three first columns = position (for personnal post-treatment, it is better with a uniform mesh) fourth and fifth columns...
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    Looking for info about GRASP 9

    I'd like to get some informations about grasp9 from ticra. Does anybody use it and could give some tips about its capabilitites and drawbacks for example... Does an evaluation version (student version?) can be downloaded anywhere? Thanks !
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    indoor propagation : antenna diversity

    Please, let's talk about antenna diversity. Indoor proapation = multipath propagation = fading. when one antenna faces fading, the other one recieve certainly a better signal. ok but what are the different selection criteria for feeding the first or second antenna ? Before/after demodulation ...

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