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    Question about auto-zeroing offset in amplifiers

    This question pertains to auto-zeroing offset in continuous time using a feed-forward topology. I've read that for the nulling amplifier to read the main amplifier offset, the total system must be placed in a negative feedback. Why is this the case? How does it work? Any comments/help would be...
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    bode plot & stability

    how to interprete bode plots Here is the situation... I have 4 pole, 2 zero open-loop system. The phase margin is greater than 0 due to the placement of the zeros. However, there are points where the phase goes beyond -180 degrees due to the higher number of poles. Is this system stable when...
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    Single-tuned oscillator: what is the max peak value of Vout?

    Single-tuned oscillator Hi, I was hoping someone could help me understand this problem. Q: What is the max peak value of Vout in the following picture? and why? ** I believe it's supposed to be 2Vdd, but I don't know why.

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