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    Modeling of SiC BJT static characteristics in Pspice

    hi, I have attached a SiC BJT Device output characteristics IC vs Vce curve. I have the problem that some of these curves do not start from origin . They have a negative Ic current at Vce=0 V for different step Ib currents which range from 200ma to 2.2A . Could you tell me what is the reason for...
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    How to obtain the data from a word file

    hi, I would like to know if there is software which could obtain the data from the word doc graph when i click on the graph of Ic vs Vce plot. if u know or refer to someone who knows . viren
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    Pspice Modeling of BJT curve Ib vs Vbe

    vbe on voltage data pspice Hi, I need to model the BJT again now to get the IB vs Vbe curve which I got by experimenting with the real BJT using a curve tracer. Now when i used the curve tracer i had kept the collector open. I gave a step current to Ib for 200mA . So can anybody have any idea...
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    Pspice Modeling of BJT

    pspice bjt I want to model a real BJT IC Vs Vce Characteristics using student version pspice. I have used a Pspice BJT Model and tried to model a real BJT using .Model parameters but it is not matching the real bjt characterisitcs. Can u please provide some advice?

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