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    how to set output frequency to 433Mhz for adf7020-1 ?

    hi friends, pls tell me how to set output frequency to 433mHz in adf7020-1,its urgent
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    difference between adf 7020 and adf7020-1

    hi friends, i can't understand what is the difference between adf7020 adf 7020-1 .......pls help me to find it out....its urgent
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    need of evaluation board for adf7020

    hi friends, i'am working on adf7020 ,i don't have the evaluation board,is it possible for me to directly program adf7020 from pc ? pls find me the answer....
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    adf 7020 fsk transmitter mode settings

    hi ,friends i,am now working on adf7020 ic....i wan't to develop a tranmitter in fsk mode with maximum possible output power and gain i have got the circuit for it ,but i din fully understand the ic configuration setting procedures from the data sheet.....pls help me
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    3-wire interface of adf7020

    hey guys..what is the protocol used in three wire-interface using the signals sle,sclk,sdata in adf 7020??pls help me to find the answer.....
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    gerber file opening problem

    hi guys , i just downloaded gerber file from analogdevices.,but i can't open it......... ..pls tell me a way to open the file.......it has .pho and .rep files.........its urgent
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    weather balloon link budget calculation

    hi friends........... how can we get the parameters of the antenn we design for link budget calculation.?i using a yagi antenna at ground station and dipole antenna at space station
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    link budget calculation

    hello guys, why is aperture efficiency of antenna is taken allways a value between .5 and .7 for link budget calculation.?how we can get the aperture efficiency of our antenna.?pls help me out ....its urgent deepthy:???:
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    fsk demodulator with xr2211

    hi , i designed a fsk demodulator circuit using xr 2211 with f1=3.125khz and 5.5khz and baud rate 1200kbps.,,,but its not working....somebody pls help me asap...we need demodulator circuit with its design.. we need it urgently for our project............pls

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