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    Help me solve following expressions

    Pls solve the following expression
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    Intergration using the REDUCTION FORMULAE

    Pls intergrate the attached questions using the REDUCTION FORMULAE
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    How to find the current in all branches of the network using Kirchhoff's Law?

    Find the current in all branches of the network using Kirchhoff's Law
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    Help me solve a question about conductor's wire

    A conductor of 0.5mm diameter wire has a resistance of 300Ω. Find the resistance of the same length of wire if its diameter were doubled.
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    Help me solve a question about coils resistance

    A coil of 12Ω resistance is in parallel with a 20Ω resistance. This combination is connected in series with a third coil of 8Ω resistance. if the whole circuit is connected accross a battery having an emf of 30volts and internal resistance of 2Ω. Caculate a) the terminal voltage of the battery...
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    Help me determine the diameter of a copper wire here?

    An alluminuim wire of 7.5meter long is connected in parallel with a copper wire of 6meter long. When a current of 5A is passed through the combination, it is found that the current in the aluminuim wire is 3A. The diameter if the aluminuim wire is 1mm. Determine the diameter of the copper wire...
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    How to find dy/dx from × = ln cos (xy)?

    Can someone pls help me solve this problem. × = ln cos (xy) find dy/dx Thanks

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