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    plzzz help me ..need USRT(not UART) verilog code

    usrt verilog hi frndz can anybody send me USRT(not UART) verilog source code please help i need this very urgently .. bibekkumarit82@gmail.com pleaseeeeeeeeeee
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    can anybody help in design of USRT???

    if u have coding of USRT not USART..please tell me ...
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    Help me build a device with 16 USART

    USART expansion device hi if u have complete USART PROJECT THEN PLEASE SEND ME CODING OF THE PROJECT ...I REALLY NEED IT ...PLZZZZZZZZZ Added after 14 minutes: if u have USRT coding then send me please..... bibekkumarit82@gmail.com
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    u can try on opencourse.com
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    Need code for synchronous in USART

    usart project HI ...i m doing USRT(UNIVERSAL SYNCHRONOUS RECEIVER TRANSMITTER) or USART (UNIVERSAL SYNCHRONOUS ASYNCHRONOUS RECEIVER TRANSMITTER)project ..if u goted code please send me on bibekkumarit82@gmail.com
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    can anybody send me USRT verilog or vhdl code ....plzzzzz

    usrt verilog hi to all i want USRT verilog or VHDL code ..please if u have code of USRT or USART please send it to me on bibekkumarit82@gmail.com please.

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